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Faith Bible Leaders.

There are many ways to structure a church. Some churches are led by a hierarchy- bishops, priests, a pope. Other churches are congregation led. The congregation makes the decisions. Some are pastor led. The church is built around a dominant leader. Unfortunately, these are not biblical philosophies of ministry. Scripture teaches an Elder led church. A church is always to be led by a plurality of godly men known as Elders. 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 spell out the qualifications for leadership.


The Elders at are responsible to:

1. Care for the spiritual needs of the church family

2. Guard the purity of doctrine and life of the church

3. Direct the administration of the church ordinances

4. Discipline in accordance with the Word of God

5. Share the ministry of pastoral care

6. Approve all leadership positions.

The Elders are responsible for the total operation of the church, including various organizations, physical properties, finances, and other temporal matters. The Board of Elders functions only under the headship of Christ and the authority of the Word of God.


The Deacon's role is one of administration and serving the flock. The Deacons have responsibilities as delegated by the Elders in order to share with the Elders in their ministries.