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Current Week's Sermon Notes

Don’t Live Like a Pagan
Ephesians 4:17-19

The Christian faith today is under attack. Being made in the image of God means that we have the ability to think. Our thinking must change in order for our behavior to change. God commands us to walk in unity and to walk in holiness. You must stop living like a pagan. You must start living as a believer. Ephesians 4:17-19 identifies two defining characteristics of pagans....

I. A Worthless W__________________ View (Verse 17)

Seven basic questions identify a person’s world view....
First, what is the nature of ultimate r_________________?
Second, what is the nature of the u________________?
Third, what is the nature of h________________?
Fourth, what happens to a person at d_________________?
Fifth, on what basis can we k_____________ anything?
Sixth, how do we determine e_________________ behavior?
Seventh, what is the meaning of h________________?

The world view of our age is naturalism. Naturalism says that everything that exists or happens can be explained solely by natural causes or laws. Naturalism teaches six tenets....
First, m____________ is all that exists.
Second, the cosmos is a c_____________ system.
Third, human beings are complex m_________________.
Fourth, death is the e__________________ of personality and individuality.
Fifth, life and history are r_______________ without any overarching purpose.
Sixth, morality is determined solely by the i__________ and his circumstances.

II. A Darkened M___________________ (Verse 17)

A darkened mind is the o________________ of having a mind illuminated
by the reality of God’s revelation.

First, never substitute human r______________ for divine revelation.
Second, do not fail to r______________ your mind with Scripture.
Third, do not desire to be t______________ wise and intelligent by the world around you.